Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's That Bright Light in the Sky?

Lately, the weather in Nashville has been wet. It's either been raining, or about to rain, or just finished raining. While we were in Fishers, Indiana, this weekend, we experienced the same weather. I was beginning to think we should rename Nashville to Seattleville. At least until today.

When I finally made it outside after my post-overindulgent-pancake coma, I was blinded by the giant orb in the sky. Speaking of the sky, it was a beautiful blue, instead of the usual gray. I looked around for puddles and raindrops, only to find none. It was a bit odd and hard to believe. But after a few moments of acclimation, I got it - it was one of those sunny days that I remembered.

I had gotten so used to cloudiness and rain, the sun was unfamiliar. But it quickly brightened my thoughts and caused me to think about summer and all its possibilities. In the newly appreciated sunlight, everything in my yard and planters looked prettier (weeks of rain helped that). I realized I am ready for a new season, ready to bask in the sun and be invigorated by its brilliance.

Maybe I needed the gloominess of rain to appreciate the sun. Or maybe the rain was needed so that there would be such glorious beauty when the sun came out. Or just maybe both were absolutely essential so I could fully understand how God uses everything to make my life complete.

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