Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey You - Got A Few Things To Tell You

Sam had an interesting blog today. It's all about what his 28-year-old self would say to his 23-year-old self. While he suggests that you think of what you would say to the five-years-ago you, I decided to think of what I would say to that 23-year-old Luanne. Here it is:
  • Find a journal and list your life goals. They're probably going to change a lot, but keeping them on paper will help you not forget them.
  • Marriage changes constantly. You're an equal partner, so speak up with courage and conviction.
  • You're going to learn about unconditional love in about four months. You're going to meet someone that you would kill for, would give your life for, and will be absolutely mesmerized by. You have no idea what being a mother is all about - it's much harder and more wonderful and greater than you could ever imagine.
  • Learn about epidurals and challenge your OB on his policy of no-epidurals. By the way, your OB is not God - when his needle and thread start to hurt, tell him so and offer to sew his balls together.
  • Start keeping a diary. Not a journal of your feelings, but dates and facts. It will come in handy for the inevitable arguments between those little bundles of unconditional love.
  • Start walking/jogging every day, even if it's just a mile. By starting now, maybe it won't be so hard later.
  • Ask for help. You will soon have a lot on your plate. Ask for help.
  • Ask your mother lots of questions about herself. You may have issues with each other now, but she is a person that you need to know about, and she doesn't have many years left.
  • Eat healthy. Make it a practice. Those Ding Dongs are going to haunt you in your middle-age.
  • Stand up for yourself, even if it's really hard. Make yourself heard and known. Your ideas and view may be a little different, but they're worth hearing.
  • Don't buy anything called a computer table. You will save yourself a lot of money since you will never find the perfect one.
Sure, there are a lot of things I would tell that young woman. But most of all, I would say, "I love you - don't ever forget that." Because in the end, it's that self-love that will keep her going through the highs and lows and everything in between then and now.

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molly said...

Are you and Sam trying to tell me something since I turn 23 in 3 days?