Sunday, May 3, 2009

When Something New Isn't What You Desired

When choosing nail color for my toes, I usually go for some shade of pink/magenta/rose. Today, I thought I would go for something different, something springy going into summery.

I looked on the tray full of nail colors, and saw a yellow. It looked fresh, and since Molly had on a yellow sweater, it seemed like a good choice. However, once it actually got on my toes, it didn't look so good. What I thought would be yellow turned out to be some color of tangeriney orangish yellow. Not exactly what I hoped for.

When faced with an undesirable toenail color, many people would stop right there and change the color on the spot. Some people would wear it home and take it off themselves. Some would just plan to wear socks and shoes until the color wore off.

But I am rarely like most people. So, my toes will remain this color for the next month, which is about how long my pedicures last. I figured I would give this color the full opportunity to gain my favor. Maybe I won't like it after all. But as with anything new, I won't really know unless I give it a chance.

Sometimes it's a stretch to try something new. Sometimes the "new" becomes a "was." But sometimes that "new" becomes "what is" - you just have to try it on a while to see.

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Marilyn said...

I think your toenails are jaundiced.