Monday, May 4, 2009

Just One More Brilliant Idea

It all started because the back corner of the sun room continues to flood when we get our Nashville monsoons. We've tried several remedies, to no avail. After a few years of this dilemma, I decided to call a concrete man to basically pour a deep wall or something to keep the rain out. He came and designed a solution. I asked him to figure in the cost of pouring a concrete slab over the slate pseudo-patio we had installed a few years ago. The moles in our yard were not appreciative of our patio, and expressed their displeasure by bumping some of the slate pieces up so that the whole thing was a mess.

Anyhow, Concrete Dude says he will try to get out to do this little miracle by the end of this week. My assignment was to get the sprinklers rerouted (fat chance) and pull up the slate slabs. I had absolutely no confidence that the new sprinkler dude would show in time, but I knew I could pull up the slabs - I just needed someplace to put them.

Fortunately for me, I have a family that appreciates a good adventure. We rarely plan or think anything through - we just do. Today, Sam decided to join in the fun by agreeing to take custody of the slate. He doesn't have a firm plan on how he will use them, but that doesn't matter - he has a yard. So, Operation Rock Slab Transfer begins.

To add to the mix, Maribeth was due back tonight and would need her Jeep, which was still in the Jeep shop. It had been there since last week. The Jeep service man said he would call me when it was ready, but apparently forgot. I called him today and he said the Jeep was ready. So, in the midst of the slab transfer, I was also going to have to pick up the Jeep.

Anyhow, I start pulling up the slabs. Did I mention that it has rained for the past week? This meant that the slabs were pretty much in mud. This fact was not about to dissuade me from my task. I got my pick tool and started pulling up the slabs. By the way, the pick part of the tool is not fastened anymore, so it slides up and down the handle, adding to the fun. Anyhow, I pry up the slab, brush off the dirt and worms, and start loading them into the trunk of the car. Sam and I planned to meet at his house at 4 pm. I have started this task around 1 pm, so I figure I am making good time.

After about five successful transfers of slabs from mud to trunk, I notice that my car is sinking a bit. A brain cell kicks in and I realize that perhaps the slabs are a bit heavy, and perhaps it would not be wise to load the whole think into my Camry, unless I want the tires to explode. So I call Sam to see if Lynnette is home (I had called but she didn't answer - I think she has Caller ID). I explain my car/weight theory and tell him I think I will need to make a few trips, and by the way, can he take me to get the Jeep? He says yes to all, and says he will meet me at his house at 2 pm. Or better yet 2:15 pm.

So, I put a few slabs in the back seat of the car to balance it a little bit and a container of little slabs in the front to balance it out more. Because five big slabs in the trunk is equal to a box of little slabs. Maybe in space. Anyhow, I drive to Sam's house at about two miles per hour, fearing a quadrilateral tire explosion at any minute. But I finally arrive safely, back into their driveway without knocking down the back planter, and we unload the first load. We then hatch a plan of returning to my house, loading Sam's car, then he will take me to the Jeep place, where I will retrieve the Jeep and return to my house and load the remaining brick blocky things and return to his house to unload the rest. By the way, did I mention that I loaded a bunch of small slate slabs in a cardboard box? One that had been sitting outside all weekend in the humidity and probably had the strength of a sheet of paper? Oh well, that decision went along with everything else.

Anyhow, the mission went well. I went to the Jeep place, filthy from head to toe looking like a homeless person. The employees got an eyeful but said nothing - maybe they've heard of me. Sam now has a yard full of slate slabs and I have a mud pit waiting for concrete. The birds have a fertile worm harvest and I am one step closer to a dry corner of the sun room.

Anyhow, that's my Monday. What did you do today?


Kat said...

I hope your toes were well covered so your pedicure didn't get messed up!

Luanne said...

Unfortunately they were. If anything, they have turned more orangey!