Sunday, May 24, 2009

Molly's Top Ten

Twenty-three years ago today, Molly was born. She was our largest baby at 9 pounds and 6 ounces, and our last baby. She made our family complete by adding her own special gifts to our crew. Today on her birthday, I just wanted to list my top ten favorite things about our Molly:

1. She's a great cook and will try just about any recipe that sounds good and/or requested by the family.

2. She does things in her own time - Molly time - when she is ready. And Molly time is always the best time for her.

3. She is a loyal employee and hard worker. She sometimes works too much in my opinion, but I'm her mom and worry too much.

4. She saves her money. She also spends her money, but it's money she's earned, so she's entitled.

5. She is tenacious - usually in a good way. I don't worry too much about other people running over her.

6. She's witty and funny and fun to be around.

7. She's taken care of Opie and the various cats that have been housed at her house, even though technically they don't belong to her. She has a good heart.

8. She's takes good care of her house and all the many roommates that have lived at Cadillac.

9. She's very smart about government and all that stuff that I don't care so much about. I trust her opinion and ideas.

10. She has a strong spirit that will keep her on the road to where she wants to go. As her mom, I am privileged to watch her journey and be a part of it. And wherever she ends up, Molly will make that place what she wants it to be.

Happy Birthday Molly - I love you and am blessed to be your mom!

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