Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Best Yard Sale Ever

First of all, I do not like yard sales. I do not like to haggle over prices, nor watch as people paw over my stuff, even if I am trying to get rid of it. But since I am trying to earn every donation for my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, I decided to host a family yard sale.

Sam, Lynnette, and Steve helped set up all the stuff last night. Because of the monsoons Nashville is having this week, the weather was going to be iffy. But we managed to get everything under the carport and in the sunroom. Sam advertised the yard sale and put out the signs. Molly, Scout, and Micaela stayed up all night making cupcakes, boob cakes, and muffins. Steve and Molly's crew made the necessary food runs. Everybody sold (even Lynnette and me, who have acknowledged that we are the worst yard sale people ever). And when it was over, everybody helped box up the leftovers.

There were many high moments. Sam selling the Cool People Care poster off my wall. Our "Quarter Table" that eventually went to "Three For A Quarter" to "Fill a Box For a Quarter." Our sales campaign of "Take this - it's free with any purchase." Friends coming by. People donating extra because of the cause. Things selling that we thought wouldn't. Dogs that came with their owners, especially the one who also had a pet goose (it didn't come).

In the end, we were able to box up the leftovers and cart them to Goodwill. We made an astonishing $1200. I had previously decided that I would share 10% of the proceeds with my sister Marilyn and my friend Emily, who are also raising money for the cause, so our yard sale extended to Baltimore and Durham.

For a non-yard-sale person, it was the best yard sale ever. It was a family time and a fun time, but best of all, we were able to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Now that's a reason to haggle and paw!


Marilyn said...

The Baltimore branch thanks you for the donation to the cause. LOVE the aprons- getting pumped to try a bake sale here the end of the month at a neighborhood monster garage sale. Don't Molly and her bakers want to come help? Free housing and food- see the sights?

emily g said...

The Durham recipient also thanks you--what a wonderful surprise!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!