Friday, May 1, 2009

May's 100 Things

Actually, this is what's left after my getting rid of 100 things this month. If you look carefully, you should be able to ascertain what my 100 things were - you got it - all Disney-related.

I started giving away things back in April. I knew it would be a little harder, so I started early. I sent some stuff to some princesses in South Florida, some stuff to some princesses here in Nashville, and some stuff to some princesses in Baltimore. I gave some stuff to some Goodwill princesses, and the rest will be sold to unknown princesses tomorrow in our yard sale.

One might wonder how I could even have 100 Disney things, much less find that many to give away. It's really quite easy - I am a sucker for anything that Disney World has for sale, especially if it's a good deal (and for me, what isn't?).

But having to give away stuff has helped me look at my shopping habits. I am a shopper who likes to buy stuff "just in case." In my case, I had a basket full of doo-dads that I was saving to give away. But I never really gave it away - I just kept holding on to it.

Maybe I've learned something. Maybe I've learned not to buy unless I intend to use it or immediately give it away. Maybe I've learned that a good deal isn't so good if it's just going to sit in my closet for years on end. Maybe I've learned that just because I like it and think it's cute, I don't have to have it. Maybe.

I can tell you this for sure. The more I get used to getting rid of stuff, the more I am enjoying it. Maybe I can live on less. Just don't tell the folks at Disney - I don't want to imagine what kinds of deals they might come up with!

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Kat said...

The Princesses in Florida LOVED being on the receiving end of your Disney doo-dad addiction and ultimate purge. Thank you again for always thinking of them :-)

The bigger Princess wants to do a purge of her own today. She has decided that the Barbie dollhouse in her room should go, to make room for a new shelving unit that will subsequently become her "science lab." I have no idea what a "science lab" means to a 5-year-old so I'm a little scared. Also not sure what we'll do with the 30 Barbie dolls that are about to be evicted... But, purge we will, and I can't wait!