Monday, May 18, 2009

Fixing the Fixings

This morning, the concrete dudes began digging a trench outside the sunroom wall. The plan has something to do with footers. After digging today, the dude in charge talked to the main dude and I was educated on the footer dilemma with my sunroom. I really don't completely understand all of it, except that it's going to cost some more money to fix it "right."

Of course it is. Our house is over fifty years old, so whenever something needs fixing, it usually means that it's only the beginning of the real repair. This is a little scary, since we have a new roof planned for late June.

I guess the lesson of this story is that you can do stuff just to make do (and often not-so-legally) or do it right. We've done both, and doing it the right way usually lasts much longer. It just costs much more.

Hopefully in a few more days, my sunroom will have the footings and drainage it needs. I'm hoping I'll get what I paid for - as if I would really know a good footer when I see it!

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