Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here's a chicken/egg question for today: What's harder - to sustain a good habit or break a bad one? I don't know either. For instance, I am trying to eat smarter and healthier (good habit) and quit eating stupidly and junkier (bad habit). I'm not sure what is more difficult. One would think that good eating would replace the bad eating, but it sure is easier to eat a Ding Dong than chew on carrots and celery.

I've also been out of the good habit of walking/wogging/jogging every day, which would contribute to respectable race finish times. The good habit would be to get out and do something for any number of miles every day. The bad habit is to put it off later and later in the day until eventually it's bedtime. I've become quite adept at forming reasons for NOT getting outside, but when I force myself to actually get outside, I really enjoy it. Again, one would think that the satisfaction from accomplishing those miles would push out the bad habit of doing nothing. One obviously doesn't realize the whole chicken/egg conundrum.

It appears that I'm no closer to solving this mystery. Will concentrating on establishing good habits push out the practice of the bad habits? Will concentrating on getting rid of the bad habits make it easier to establish good habits?

Maybe I should go find a chicken and ask it!
Things that make today great: Five slow miles in the neighborhood; "The Drowsy Chaperone" with Molly

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