Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jury Duty Tips

1. Take a book. There's lots of down time waiting, and making judgement calls on your fellow jurors can only take so long.

2. Yes, this is a paying job. Today I made $10. However, I spent $8 on lunch, because if I left the parking garage I would have to pay for parking since I only get one free parking pass a day. How much income tax will I have to pay on $2?

3. Get a good night's sleep. Otherwise you risk the possibility of falling asleep while the attorneys are reading endless pieces of paper that have to do with the case you're supposed to be listening to.

4. Try to meet a lot of people in the weeks before you have to report for jury duty. Then, when the judge asks if you know the attorneys, the plaintiff, the defendant, the witnesses, and/or the judge, you can say yes, take your $10 and go home.

5. Practice your poker face. Then when Mr. Lawyer says dumb things that make his client look really stupid, you can be laughing on the inside and looking contemplative on the outside.

6. Start writing your novel. You will probably get much of it written during the trial when you're supposed to be taking notes. Hey - writing is writing.

7. Ask the judge if Jack McCoy or Perry Mason is trying this case. Then ask the judge if he's kin to Judge Wapner or Judge Judy. Then ask if he's heard the expression, "Here Comes The Judge!" Maybe you'll get sent home on this one.

8. Ask the judge how he started out - judging pies at the County Fair or toddlers at beauty pageants.

Those are all the tips I have for now - maybe I'll get more when I return tomorrow!
Things that make today great: Jersey Mike's lunch with Susan and Jury Lady; fellow jurors; hearing my first jury duty case; dinner and book shopping with Molly; new Lindley and pacifier picture

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Marilyn said...

wouldn't it be fun to be on a jury together- that's probably against the law :(