Friday, February 12, 2010

Puddin' 'Nanners

When I buy bananas, I usually try to buy ones that are firm and slightly green. At our house, bananas are either consumed within days of purchase, or sit around for weeks. However, towards the end of those weeks, the bananas are turning black and are becoming rather soft. They are becoming what Steve calls "puddin' 'nanners" - only suitable for banana pudding. Nobody in the family wants them.

Except me. I like the ripe smell and discolored peels. While Steve likes a fresh banana cut up in a bowl and sprinkled with sugar, I prefer to almost squeeze it like toothpaste out of its natural packaging. I like the texture of the edible part and the way it smushes inside your mouth. It's my favorite way to eat a banana. While I agree that these bananas are perfect for banana pudding, I believe their best use is to be eaten straight from the peel.

I guess it just goes to show you that everything has a use at every stage. It's the theory behind hand-me-down clothes, swap meets, and craigslist. It's the idea that just because you no longer think something is wanted, there's somebody out there who can't wait to get his hands on it. It's the premise that one thing can be many things to different people.

So the next time you're tempted to throw something out just because you don't want it, consider giving it a second life. Take it to Goodwill, or your neighbor, or your church. Cut up the t-shirts and make a quilt. Take those old towels to the animal shelter. Give those household goods to a homeless shelter. Do something with something you don't want.

And while you're getting rid of your stuff, be on the lookout - somebody's got your own version of 'puddin 'nanners just waiting for you to take it and enjoy it!
Things that make today great: Taking Maribeth to the airport at the crack of dawn - actually before dawn cracked; beginning work on Molly's pillows; errands with Molly; taking Steve to the airport at rush hour; winter Olympic opening ceremonies; Barry and Bill's visit; phone chat with Marilyn

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Marilyn said...

Bananas- not my friend, makes me thinking of eating my "sneaky" banana on the 3 day :) Fun times!