Sunday, February 28, 2010

Packed or Not Packed - That Is The Question!

When I travel, I sometimes forget things. Usually it's because I decide to pack 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave. Sometimes it's because I meant to pack an item, but left it on the bathroom counter/bed/closet/the suitcase that I thought I was taking but decided to take a different one at the last minute. Other times it's because I have no clue - about packing, about where I'm going and why, and just no clue in general. I've forgotten cosmetics, prescriptions, contacts, underwear, and just about everything and anything else. Hey - it happens.

Sometimes I realize I forgot something while on the way to the airport. Sometimes I remember when I'm on the plane. Sometimes I remember at some random time. And sometimes I remember when I have a need. This current trip has been no exception.

I forgot my contact lens solution. I realized that I had none about 10 pm at the hotel. But I also realized that it was the end of the month and almost time for a new pair of contacts - which I did remember since I try to always pack an extra emergency pair. So, I wouldn't have to make a late night run - that could wait until the next day.

I remembered that I remembered on the way to the airport that I had forgotten to pack the charger for my new phone - it was still plugged into the wall at home. My phone still had a few energy bars on the display, so I knew that also could wait until the next day.

While remembering what I didn't have, I couldn't remember packing my camera, so I added that to my list. I debated whether to get a cheap camera during my massive shopping trip the next day. Since I was at Disney and doing a 5k with Steve, I decided I would look for a camera meeting my specs (cheap).

The next day I headed to the local Wal Mart and bought contact solution, a charger for my phone, and the cheapest best camera (along with the required batteries and SD card - not as cheap after all). My astigmatic eyes were happy, my cell phone got charged up, and I have several good photographic memories of this weekend.

This wouldn't be such a great story, except for one thing - today as I was packing up to return home, I found my cell phone car charger and my original camera in my bag. I guess I forgot to pack my brain, too!

As great a story as this is, there is a postscript, having to do with the brain I forgot to pack. Today Steve and I decided to ride Soarin' at Epcot. While at The Land, we both took a bathroom break. As I was coming out of the bathroom stall, my sunglasses hit the floor (I did remember to pack my sunglasses, a common purchase when I am out of town because I tend to forget them). I picked up the sunglasses, thinking, "Boy, some people might be offended by the fact that their sunglasses hit a communal bathroom floor, but not me! I'm not afraid of germs!" I washed my hands and Steve and I road Living with the Land and then got in line to ride Soarin' again.

When we were finally sitting in our hang-glider seats, I put my bathroom floor germy sunglasses on my head. At the end of the ride, I thought, "Boy, these sure are snug for my aviator-style sunglasses." I took them off my head, inspected them further, and discovered that they were not my sunglasses (which were in my coat pocket). Instead, some body's sunglasses hit the bathroom floor, I picked them up, washed my hands, and walked out with a new pair.

Steve and I discussed whether I should take the sunglasses to Lost and Found or not. I decided not. I figured the likelihood of anyone claiming them was nil, and then a really good pair of sunglasses would go to waste.

Besides, the owner probably forgot she packed them anyway!
Things that make today great: Epcot-ing with Steve; Delores at Beaches and Cream; new sunglasses

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