Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking Past the Exterior

Late this afternoon I boarded yet another plane for yet another trip for yet another race - only a 5k this weekend. I always look at the plane - usually looking for a bright, shiny new one that looks like I will get to my destination without crashing.

When I looked out today, I saw a yellow plane - the old Southwest yellowish orange color. I couldn't help but wonder how old this plane was, and whether the wings were going to stay on. As I was boarding, I realized it was one of those specially painted Southwest planes - but it still had the impression of being an old plane to me. The flight was fairly smooth and without incident. So my first impression was faulty - I had to experience it to realize what mattered.

I realized that's the way it is with people. Sometimes that outward appearance has very little to do with the spirit of the person. The most valuable part of a person lies deep within - and we have to experience that person to get the blessing.

I'll probably still look on the outside of things - planes and people included. But I hope I won't stop there. Because if I did, I'd never get anywhere or get the joy of knowing some very special people.

And come to think of it, maybe they wouldn't get to know me!
Things that make today great: Partnering with Molly at boot camp; babysitters club with Lindley; safe, smooth flight; upgrade at Hilton; Steak and Shake with Steve

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