Friday, February 5, 2010

Justice Was Served - So I Served Myself

Finally, after hours of blah-blah-blah-ing, videos and pictures, tax returns and various other forms and papers, witnesses and their testimonies interpreted by translators, my jury was sent to deliberate our verdict on the case of the hookah cafe and hair salon vs the big bad hotel. We gave ourselves a 20-minute lunch break, convened at 1 pm, and got to work with the knowledge that we really needed to be done by 4:30 pm in order to finish up and not have to return on Monday.

We discussed and read the applicable laws, rehashed the testimony and re-read our notes, pondered and pointed out, then finally finished answering the sixteen questions we were given. We turned in our decision, the judge called us in to court, our verdict was read, and we were dismissed and on our way at 4:30 - just in time to deal with Nashville rush hour traffic on a rainy Friday afternoon.

To celebrate the end of this tiring experience, I picked up takeout from Cheesecake Factory. I demolished most of it, only to top it off with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. This indulgence promptly put me into a sugar-high/mental-fatigue-induced coma from which I eventually recovered.

It was an interesting week and I'm glad it's over. I met some really nice people and experienced our justice system up close and personal. I made a whopping $50 and spent some of it eating at new places downtown. I did my civic duty and received a nice letter from our judge. I had the opportunity to do something new and different and enjoyed it. For me, jury duty was tedious and boring and interesting and rewarding. In other words, it was a gift for which I am grateful to have experienced.
Things that make today great: Finishing jury duty; chicken and biscuits from Cheesecake; chocolate-chocolate ice cream; surprise visit and gift from Jeff and Lisa; quiet night at home

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