Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just The Facts

I spent two hours looking for a place to eat dinner. When we finally found a place, it was late (for senior citizens like me), so I was leery of eating too much, but probably did anyway. Now it is even later (for senior citizens like me) and I am tired. I have to be up at 5 am tomorrow to catch the last bus from the hotel at 6 am to get to the race start line. Oh, and I am planning to participate in a 13.1 mile half-marathon tomorrow.

So this is the blog you get tonight. Deal with it. Senior citizens get grumpy when they eat and go to bed late!!
Things that make today great: Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes; dinner (finally) at Sticky Fingers with Steve and Kitty; meeting Kitty's coworkers; treat at Yogaberry; meeting fellow racers at hotel

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