Monday, February 8, 2010

Why We Stink at Scrabble

Maribeth, Molly, and I decided to play a game of scrabble. It lasted for hours, and most of the words were four letters or less. In other words, we will never be Scrabble experts. We analyzed our play, and came up with the following reasons why we are so bad. In no particular order, here they are:

1. We have no understanding of the English language.

2. Molly throws scrabble tiles under the couch in order to hasten the play of the game.

3. Maribeth is too busy playing Dr. Mario on the Gameboy.

4. We lost the official instructions and rules, so we spent a lot of time arguing about the instructions and rules.

5. We had insufficient snackages.

6. Apparently "un" cannot be placed in front of any word and create an acceptable word. The following words were thrown out as illegal: unemote, unoval, and many other unwords

7. Molly is unappreciative of learning new words. Like newel. Whatever that means.

8. We don't have a Scrabble dictionary. Like that would help.

9. It was snowing outside.

So in conclusion, Scrabble is not our Olympic event. However, maybe Candy Land ....
Things that make today great: Danny at Toyota service place; wet snowfall; Marilyn's snow travel stories; playing scrabble with Maribeth and Molly

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