Friday, February 19, 2010

He Speaketh

Tiger Woods, that is. It's quite interesting - when Tiger's hell broke loose last Thanksgiving, we were in Orlando - not too far from the scene of the mess. Today, we are in Jacksonville, only a few miles from his press conference. As we were getting off the plane, we saw people standing around the airport's televisions, waiting for the news conference to begin. I glanced at the screen as we walked past, and noticed there was a countdown clock next to the newscaster - just like when the space shuttle takes off. Unbelievable.

I was tempted to stick around and watch, but I knew it would be played and replayed for the next forever on every television network, internet site, YouTube, and probably somebody's home movies. Since I have just finished watching it online, I decided I would go ahead and put in my two cents.

First of all, several news reporters were ticked off because they would not have the opportunity to ask questions. Boo hoo to you, vipers. This man is apologizing in public for the horrendous mistakes he has made. Why isn't that enough? Here's an idea for you - tell me the person you care about the most in this world. Now, tell me about the worst thing that person has ever done, let me put him/her on camera, and let me ask about all the sordid details of that incident. Just because Tiger is rich and famous does not mean that we have to know all about his life. In fact, you don't really care about Tiger's life - you just want to make money selling your story.

I heard reports that some of the golfers in this week's Accenture golf tournament are all upset that Tiger decided to have his conference now, in the middle of their golf thingy. Boo hoo to you, too. I'm sorry that Tiger has decided to get his life in order and didn't call you to check on dates. I'm sorry that Tiger elevated your sport to a level that enables you to make a lot of money. I'm sorry that you all are such pristine individuals that you can judge everyone else, in addition to being stellar golfers. Instead of whining, go out and practice golf. Then you can be the Number One Golfer of the Universe and see how it feels to be under such public scrutiny.

People are complaining because Tiger's apology was too "scripted." Okay, so when you get in front of the media to apologize for screwing your family's life up, just do it ad lib. Yeah, that's the best way to say what you want to say. Get real. Everybody knows that if you really want to say something really important, you should write it down or at least take notes (but perhaps not on your hand, Ms. Palin). Tiger is a golfer, not an actor, and was delivering a gravely important statement. So now you want to criticize the way he apologizes? Pathetic.

Why in the crap do we even have to pick apart this man's apology? Have we never messed up and wanted a do-over? Tiger made a colossal mess of his life, and he knows it. There but the grace of God, it could (and probably is) be us. Forgiveness sucks sometimes, but in his statement, he asked for it. Take it for what it is, and pray that he gets the help he needs. Pray that his family can survive this and live the life they once dreamed of. Pray. It always works out much better than criticism.

Finally, I know of only one person on this earth who was without sin. He tells me to forgive - seventy times seven. He tells me not to worry with the speck in my brother's eye because I've got a log in mine. He tells me to treat others as I want to be treated. He tells me not to judge, unless I want to be judged. He tells me to pray for others. He says that whomever is without sin can cast the first stone. Since the only sinless person I know is all about forgiveness, I think I'll listen to him.
Things that make today great: Beautiful sunny day; safe flight to Jacksonville; giving my bag to lady at expo; breast cancer half-marathon expo and pickup; parking dude and his directions; "nerve" test at expo

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