Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Have A Headache

First, I tried to look at some optical illusions. The first one did me in. Then Molly and Maribeth decided to video-chat with me at the same time which required much reading and processing and answering. I am also sleep-deprived and hopefully on the tail-end of several weeks of creeping poison ivy, not to mention being a boot camp slowpoke this week. Add to that the humid heat of Nashville, and you have all the pickings for a ripe headache. A least I do.

So instead of finding a cat video or writing a sermon, I shall muster enough energy to take an aspirin, slather on the generic Benadryl lotion, and brush my teeth before falling into bed.

After all, tomorrow is Friday and I have to be ready for boot camp. Somebody's got to bring up the rear!
Things that make today great: 3 slow miles in the neighborhood; dinner with Steve and Molly; picking up Rambo with Molly; chatting with the Ms; picking up Lindley from day care

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