Monday, July 19, 2010

Turning It Off

This morning when the alarm went off at 5 am, I rolled over, turned off the alarm, rolled back over, and slept until 7 am. It was heavenly, mostly because I didn't get up and debate whether to go to boot camp or not. I didn't spend 20 minutes talking myself into going. In fact, I thought of nothing at all - I barely even remember turning off the alarm.

Sleeping in was great because it wasn't planned. It just happened. I turned off the alarm and everything else, and rested. I think that's a good plan for those times that life gets to be a little much. I'll just turn things off for a while and rest. After all, life will always be there - I'm just a little better at it when I've had time to take a breather.
Things that make today great: sleeping in this morning; veggies and cornbread dinner with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, and Molly; Toyota drivers and servicemen; afternoon Starbucks after picking up Lindley at day care

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