Friday, July 9, 2010


Even though it's been two months since the Nashville floods, and even though we had no flood damage, I still get a little nervous when I'm in a hard rain. Even though I know the rain will end and not end in another flood, I still consider that possibility.

Tonight as we entered Atlanta, there were several heavy thunderstorms. There was some standing water on the Interstate, and a few heavy downpours. At times I couldn't help but remember that weekend of rain, rain, more rain, and the flooding.

But then God puts a rainbow in the sky and says, "Not to worry. I've got it all in control." And He does. I just have to keep my eyes to the sky and believe.
Things that make today great: Chatting with the electricians at Molly's; BSC with Lindley; Sonic drinks via Lynnette; ATL road trip; scouting out IKEA with Molly; finding the hotel again after a CVS run

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