Sunday, October 7, 2007

10K and 87% Humidity

Taking a break at MGM

1:27:45 - that was my time in today's Race for the Taste. Not a fabulous time, but a reasonable time considering everything. The race was fun - we ran through MGM Studios and Epcot, but the humidity was stifling. I ended up walking the last half in order to continue living.

The good news is, I did it. The better news is, I want to do better. So, I'll keep training in order to improve my time and stamina. It's good to know that 50 can be only the beginning of better things!


Steve said...

where are the rest of the pictures?

Kat said...

Great job on the race, Luanne! What crazy weather for running a 10K.

I'll be at MGM and Epcot this weekend, and I'll be sure to think of you when I have my own Mickey Bar (or two!).