Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Saturday 5-K

Today I volunteered at the Germantown Oktoberfest 5K Race. I like participating in races, but I also really enjoy helping out. I love to people-watch, and today I learned a few life lessons. For instance:

1. You get a police escort if you are the front-runner and if you are the last runner.

If you're the final competitor, you get the same treatment as the winner. The important thing is to participate and finish.

2. Struggling runners appreciate it when you cheer for them, and REALLY appreciate it if you know where the last mile marker is!

Sometimes it's the total strangers that encourage us and keep us on our course, especially those who are there at the end of the journey and the culmination of a goal.

3. Some men are way too secure in the manhood, as evidenced by the shortness of their shorts!

Just because you can wear something, doesn't mean you should.

4. As I watched a team of young girls running the race, a mom was on the sidelines yelling/coaching. She was really going after it - I was afraid she might kick my butt!

Moms can be our loudest cheerleaders, our most demanding coaches, and our most loyal supporters - and they will be there with us to the end, whether we want them there or not!

5. A lady was a winner in her 60-65 year old age group simply because she was one of the few her age who participated in the race and finished.

At any age in any race, you may be surprised and win a prize - but only if you participate and finish, which actually may be the prize you truly seek.

6. I spent more time manning my post and directing/cheering runners than I would have if I were actually running in the race.

I learn a lot about running races when I run them, but I learn a lot about life when I am a volunteer.

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