Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wog This Way

A few days ago, I added a piece on this blog entitled "Thoughts Worth Thinking" to share thoughts, quotes, verses, or sayings that I've recorded in a journal over the years. As I was putting in today's verse, I couldn't help but notice the parallel to tonight's race and my life in general.

Tonight I will be participating in a new race at Disney. Although I've seen a map of the course and probably have jogged parts of it before in other races, it is still a new course, and it's in the dark. Sort of like my life - been there, done that, but still doing it again in new ways, sometimes in the dark.

Tonight in the race, there will be people telling me where to go next. Without them, I would be running toward the interstate or off into the woods. But they will keep me on the right track, if I listen to them and follow what they say. A lot like what God does in my life, when I listen to Him and follow what He says.

I'm thankful and reassured to know those people will be there tonight. I will be looking for them and listening to what they say because they will guide me and keep me safe. Exactly what God does for me - every moment of every day, no matter what.

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