Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Almost, But Not Quite

Okay, so proper preparation is the key, but I blame my old car (sorry, Sam). Here's the deal: in my former car, I had clocked what I thought was my three-mile route. Today, in my new and pretty car, I found out that my route is actually 2.7 miles. So, today's question is, what about my claim yesterday that I had wogged three miles?

Does it make me sad? No, it's just mileage. Does it disappoint me? Yes, because I thought I had three miles under my belt. Am I discouraged? Heck no, because I am going to earn those three miles. I only have .3 of a mile to go, and I can and will do that!

So, what's my lesson for today? It's that sometimes we think we have reached a goal, but for some reason we didn't. Maybe I thought I had lost weight because my pants were loose, but I had on my fat pants. Maybe he thought he had balanced his checkbook, but he forgot about those ATM withdrawals. Maybe she thought she had everything ready for the school bake sale, but somebody ate all the cookies. Sometimes we thought we had achieved a goal, only to find out that we missed it.

So we try again. We keep at the diet, enter the withdrawals, and make more cookies. We keep going because we know the goal is in reach. We keep going because the drive is within us to succeed, and we have the confidence in our abilities. We keep at it because we can.

Tomorrow I will try again for my three miles. Tonight I will get in my pretty car and map my route again. If tomorrow isn't the day, then there's the day after that. I will make my three miles - because four miles is waiting its turn.

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lynnette said...

umm...does this mean that our 20 mile route was really more like 12 miles?