Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mickey Bars

One of the best things about Disney is the "Mickey Bar." In case you have never experienced this delicious (don't mention calories) treat, it is creamy ice cream covered in yummy chocolate. Absolutely delightful. I've already had two!!

I don't get Mickey bars often, and only when associated with a Disney visit. It is a special treat I give myself on these occasions, and I love it.

I am learning how to treat myself in new ways. This week, Rebekah suggested that I treat myself three times a day, for thirty minutes each time. During this time, I should do something good for myself. This is not as easy as it sounds.

I am lucky because I no longer have to watch over my now-grown children (okay, most of the time), or work at an outside-the-home job. I have time for these thirty-minute breaks. But I am also a task-oriented person, so there are many things I keep thinking I should be doing during these thirty minutes.

However, the point is to treat myself. Why? To feed my soul and spirit. To relax and let go. To be my own best supporter. To admit to myself that I deserve it.

So I decided to start. Today I wrote a little and sat in the sun. I read a book. I watched an insipid movie on Lifetime Movie Channel (you know you do, too!). I can't say I didn't also think of a million other things that I would need to get busy on later. But at least I started.

I think we all need and deserve time to be good to ourselves. I'm going to start thinking about the Mickey Bars my soul needs and begin to treat myself during my thirty minutes. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to keep track of my thirty minutes to see how this works out. I hope you find your soul's Mickey Bars - you certainly deserve it.

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