Monday, October 1, 2007

A Goal for Fifty-One? I Think Not!

I'm in awe of the this 51-year-old grandmother who gave birth to her twin grandsons. I think it's great she obviously loves her daughter so much to do this. I love my daughters too, but I hope they think I'm just too old to go through this!

There would be just too many things to consider:

*Does AARP cover surrogate pregnancy?
*Which would qualify me for preferred parking - my being pregnant, or my hoveround?
*Does anybody really want to see this body in those skin-tight maternity clothes the starlets wear?
*I gave birth to a gallbladder - isn't that enough?
*There are just so many stretch marks that a body can bear.
*While pregnancy boobs look sexy, I think I can buy some from my local plastic surgeon.

So I think I'll pass on the surrogacy granny thing. Besides, that's why I have TWO daughters - there's always the chance they'll learn to share!

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