Friday, October 19, 2007

Just the Basics

After working out at Curves, I decided I wanted a haircut. I went to a nearby Fantastic Sam's, put my name in, and was sitting in Dan's chair within five minutes. I told Dan I wanted about three inches cut off, and he did as I asked. My hair didn't get shampooed, conditioned, or blown dry, and Dan didn't ask if it needed a color refresh. Dan cut my hair, I paid him $15 (including tip), and that was that. My hair looks and feels much lighter and better.

Sometimes, just getting the basics can make all the difference in how you feel. You don't need any extra bells and whistles, any specialized treatment, or any fancy frills - you just need the bare minimum to accomplish your desires and move you on your way.

By knowing what I wanted and sticking to the plan, I had extra time and money for a leisurely lunch with Sam and Lynnette. It's not always easy to believe that the simplest things are as good as more expensive and elaborate things. But it's nice when it works out that way, especially if it helps create a space for the really good things like family.

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