Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's Gifts

Kat had a super entry last week about God's blessings. She writes,

" ... but it's something I'm working on every day... saying Thank You to Him for my blessings, and to remember that I truly do have a blessed life."

I've thought a lot about what she wrote, and wondered how I could recognize my daily blessings and show how thankful I am for them. So often the special things in each day get lost in the actual business of living that day. As I get older, I realize that I don't want to overlook or ignore any part of God's daily gifts.

I've thought of one way to do it. Each day, I will list the blessing-gifts for that day. I want to celebrate those wonderful things that make my life so meaningful. I want to thank God for those things He knows are best for me on any given day.

I started my sidebar (or whatever you call it on blogs) where each day I will list the things that have made that day special. In this way, I hope to celebrate those blessings and write a thank-you note to God for giving them to me.

God has always shown me in amazing ways how much He loves me. I just hope that in this small way, I can affirm how very blessed I am.

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