Friday, October 5, 2007

Tiger Stripes and Bozo Hair

This morning I decided to visit the Animal Kingdom, my favorite park.

Two dozing gorillas look like two sleeping beauties.

I was thrilled to see the baby giraffe.

This deer's antlers look and feel like velvet.

I finally got to see my favorite, the tigers. I learned that a tiger's stripes are much like human fingerprints - no two tigers are alike.

What does all this have to do with bozo hair? Let me explain. I have lots of thick naturally frizzy curly hair. Today it rained a lot while I was visiting with the animals, and when it wasn't raining, it was humid. My hair loves rain and humidity so much it just gets frizzier and curlier and bigger. By the time I left the park, I was lucky just to get my head inside the bus door.
The marvel in today is knowing that my God who can design specific stripes on every single tiger can also create a head of hair on me that makes us both laugh out loud. My God can create a baby giraffe taller than a full grown human, and gorillas that seem almost human. My God can create velvet on a deer's antlers. My God is truly magnificent.
God reminded me today that He is involved with every little piece of His creation. Nothing is too insignificant for Him to pass on. He created each of us, every piece of nature in His creation, just the way He wants us. What a wonderful blessing to know that what we might construe as our physical imperfections were created solely for us, to make us truly unique.
So the next time I am trying to calm my hair down, I am going to remember that tiger and his stripes. And I'm going to offer a prayer of gratitude for the very things God created just for me.

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