Saturday, October 20, 2007

What To Say ...

... when you think you have nothing to say?

Can a day really go past without some sort of comment? Does it make that day expendable? Does it diminish the importance of that 24 hours? Was there really any point to that day?

As I sit here, thinking of what to write, those are the questions that come up. I shudder to think that I would let a day slip by without comment, yet days like today seem uneventful. And yet, I know they aren't.

It was another day to revel in the beauty of nature, finally beginning to show fall colors. It was another day to laugh and enjoy being with family. It was another day to enjoy food prepared at home that everyone likes. It was another day to sit in my home and appreciate all the planning and care that went into making it our home. It was another day to work in the yard, tidying up from an earlier storm. It was another day to appreciate just being around another day.

I have been trying to realize the blessings in each day, and insure that I don't let a day go by without thanking God for them. Which brings me to my new question - I wonder how many daily blessings I receive and don't notice? What a day of wonder that would be, to be aware of every single thing that is wonderful and good and heaven-sent.

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