Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Tiger Has Done It - For Sure!

Today was the day. It was not raining (as per the past two days), the weather was cool, and the tiger compelled me. It was the day to go for three, and I did it. And yes, it was three miles (to Cedar Lane, for those in the know). It was a straight jog for three, and a slow walk back for three more. I did it, and I am happy.

Did I want to do it? No but yes. Did I enjoy it? Enjoy is not the word I would use - well, until the last ten steps. Did I want to quit? Even before I started. Why did I keep going? Because I knew I could do it. Well, maybe I didn't know for sure, but I just kept going.

Maybe that's my key - to keep going. Even though I think I want to quit and my brain wants to convince me that my muscles, bones, and joints want to quit, I'll just keep going to reach that reachable goal.

Today I reached three miles. On to a new goal!

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