Friday, October 12, 2007

Where Are My Rose Colored Glasses?

Today's task was one of those things you don't necessarily want to do, but you have to do anyway, so you take somebody with you to do it, even if it's your young adult daughter. What did I have to do? Buy new eyeglasses.

I wear contact lens, so I only wear my glasses at night or when my eyes are tired (I wear gas-perms - I know, I'm old fashioned). Because my glasses are used as a backup, I abuse them. I drop them, lose them, sit on them, step on them, twist them, etc. I am constantly bending them back into shape because one eyepiece always seems to be over my eyebrow while the other is covering my cheek. I think my ears are uneven, but that's another story.

Recently my poor glasses had decided enough was enough. They literally fell apart. The little screw that holds them together fell on the floor (which I left there for a few hours until I forced Maribeth to find it). We attempted to screw it back in, but the screw hole parts were so bent there was to be no reconciliation in order to rescrew the screw. I was headed to get a paper clip to reassemble the glasses, but Maribeth managed to convince the screw to attach. Barely. After a few days of the lens constantly falling out, I decided it was time to get new glasses.

I picked up Molly and we went to my medical center of choice, the mall. We met salesman Todd, who proceeded to point out which frames would compliment my face. There were millions of choices, all with huge price tags. This is where it got ugly. I was looking for cheap, while Molly was looking for fashionable. My look is generally more cheap (I was wearing my white sweat pants, which horrified Molly) than fashionable, so you can imagine my dilemma. We decided big plastic frames were out, as were anything with color, round shapes, and/or jewels. At this point I was considering a seeing eye dog.

Finally, Molly and Todd agreed on a frame, and several hundred dollars later, I have my new spectacles. Or rather Todd does, as it will take a return trip to the mall to pick them up. I just hope my white sweatpants are clean by then!


lynnette said...

hilarious. i laughed out loud through this whole thing.

Luanne said...

Exactly how much cold medicine had you consumed at that point?