Monday, October 8, 2007

Dr. 90210migosh

I confess. I watch Dr. 90210. I am amazed each week at what people are choosing to lift, rejuvenate, or implant. The doctors on the show constantly uncover hidden parts, cut away extra parts, and put in some new parts.

In other medical news, I already knew that I can carry my own grandchildren. On Sam's blog, I found out that I can also give birth to my child's half-sibling and my grandchildren's aunt or uncle at the same time. I think.

I marvel at the advances in medical science. I can look a million different ways and have a baby with numerous familial implications. I find the possibilities boggling.

So I think I'll just keep it simple. I'll keep the saggy baggy parts I have, along with the wrinkles and stretch marks. I won't ask for any extra parts, since it's hard enough to maintain the parts I currently posses. I'll forgo having any more babies, since nature has decided I should quit (and I wholeheartedly agree), and I don't want to have to figure out exactly to whom I'm giving birth.

So I guess you won't be seeing me on Dr. 90210. I think I'll look elsewhere for my television debut. Do you think the Disney Channel gives out Mickey bars?

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