Monday, December 20, 2010

And The Stamps Were ...

So here's what happened today: Steve picked up the Christmas cards that I managed to put together and send to Costco for printing. In hopes of getting them to the post office before Christmas, I used all the postage stamps in the house. Maribeth was out and about running errands, so I asked her to pick up some more. She said she had some in her possession and would bring them home.

Upon her return home, she handed me the stamps. I took them and proceeded to get the package that had been delivered on the front porch which contained new Christmas stockings for our new family additions and some other Christmas surprises. I then went on to move mattresses, change sheets, wash clothes, and several other mundane routine tasks.

I finally got around to putting stamps on the Christmas cards, but alas, there were no stamps to be had. Apparently I had "put them in a good place", which was so good that I could no longer find them. Maribeth and I set out on the hunt, looking in all the places I had been.

Finally I went into my bedroom to look and found the stamps - thrown in the trash can with the packing materials from the stocking box. Three of the stamps had come off the page and doubled up on themselves, but I managed to pry them apart - I am a cheapskate after all.

So the moral of this story is not to take things slowly and methodically so you don't waste time looking for stuff. Nor is the moral to do one task at a time, finish it, and move on to the next task. The real moral of the story is this: something is always somewhere - you just gotta find it.
Today's blessings: Pancake Pantry with Karen, Karen, and Gloria; final decisions on "Make It" Christmas gifts; signing up for The Warrior Dash; Bubba Burgers via Steve for dinner; mailing 2010 Christmas cards

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