Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Bride

Back in the Dark Ages when I was a child, we had exactly one Christmas album (for all you young-uns, that was like a big black CD that you had to play on a thing called a record player). Anyhoo, there were no 24/7 radio stations (mainly because there were only two stations that I could get on my AM radio). So, for the entire Christmas season, we spent our time playing this Christmas record. Over and over and over.

My favorite song was "Christmas Bride." For a young girl, it was all romantic and sweet and full of daydreams. For some reason, it never became a huge hit (certainly not like Destiny's Child's craptastic "Eight Days of Christmas"). Today my sister Marilyn called to reminisce about the old days because she heard "Christmas Bride" on the 24/7 Christmas cable television station (again, how times have changed in the last century).

So, for all you oldies, and to educate all you youngies, here's "Christmas Bride." Enjoy!

Today's blessings: making progress with the "make it" Christmas presents; picking up Lindley at day care and CPK pickup via Sam and Lynnette; watching "Salt" and "Easy A" with Maribeth and Steve


Marilyn said...

Christmas has not been the same without this song- we should post it on FB and see how many other fans Ray & Co have.

John Lewis said...

I'm just glad it wasn't a "secret" recording of Marilyn and I singing "Winter Wonderland"!!!

(For those times when the Christmas 33LP needed a little rest!!)

Brother John