Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Finished. I'm done with the 2010 Make It Christmas. My sewing machine needs a drink - it has stitched more stitches in the past week than it has in the last several years. It dropped a few stitches and jammed up a few times, but it came through in the end and helped me finish.

Now all that's left is the giving. I'm sure all the gifts will be a hit - well, maybe not. Maybe it will go down as "the year Mom made us those dorky Christmas presents." Who knows how long these "treasures" will last - whether the stitches will stay stitched, or the glue will stayed glued, or the whatever will stayed whatevered.

The point is, in the next few weeks if you see someone out and about and wonder to yourself, "Where did he/she get that (insert item here) and why does he/she have it out in public?" just remember - that person's mom might have made it - and it was probably me!!
Today's blessings: finishing gifts; running errands; Steve bringing lunch and dinner to the sweatshop

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