Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today's WDW Observations

*Lady on MK bus trying to figure out if she has tickets to the park or not. Her adult daughter was no help, because she didn't know either. Since Mom had made all the travel arrangements, it was quite an interesting discussion. Wonder if they got into the park or not ...

*Ariel of Little Mermaid leaving the "wishes" part of the Cinderella Castle Dinner presentation to get our table our wands and sword so we could participate, since our waitress apparently did not think we needed them. Yeah, we needed them!! Ariel rocks!!

*Wasting time at AK trying to find goofy (not as in The Goofy, but dorky goofy) cast member so we could trade Vinylmation that we wanted, only to find out that he got the one in question yesterday after we left.

*Playing bus roulette to get back to Saratoga, getting off AK bus to board DD bus, only to realize that DD bus would not be coming to Jambo House, then jumping back on AK bus so we could transfer to Saratoga bus. We love riding buses.

*Standing in line at Kidani because we didn't see online check in line, and when we found it, had to stand behind dude who got in front of us because he didn't see it either, and was in front of us in regular check in line, but then cut in front of us, and then proceeded to take up more time than should have been allowed. In our opinion, anyway.

*Flowers delivered to M&M's room, and thinking they would be for one M, but they were for other M. Should quit assuming - for the obvious reasons.
Today's blessings: M&M's room at Kidani; dinner with Molly, Anne, and David; AK adventure with Molly; lazy morning

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