Friday, December 3, 2010


That has been pretty much the mainstay of my food intake for the past week. I've been on vacation, and apparently a sugar diet has been a staple. We needn't get into the details - let's just say that while I generally don't eat a lot of ice cream, I will if it is microwaved a few seconds to make it soft. And I don't eat cotton candy - unless it's on the kitchen counter of the resort condo. And I can stay away from cookies - unless they're warm from the oven and it's far from home.

Okay, so it's all one big ball of flimsy excuses. Sure, I could have bought carrot sticks instead of cookie dough, but I wasn't on grocery store duty. Sure, I could have not partaken of the bad food, but there were no carrot sticks to eat. So I ate the food available - every sugary bite.

Today we drove back from Florida and I continued my wicked ways. Let's just say Laffy Taffy and Cheetoes were in the front seat with me. Then there were the cinnamon rolls from IKEA. I probably consumed even more, but I don't remember due to the sugar naps that occurred during the trip.

But there is hope on the horizon. Upon our return to Nashville, we went to Molly's for dinner. She had prepared this white stuff that I thought was cotton candy but she said was mashed potatoes. What I thought was fudge was actually roast beef. The corn in question was not of the candy variety, but apparently stuff grown on a farm. And the green things were not licorice but something called beans. My body seemed to breathe a sigh of relief seeing it on my plate.

I figure tomorrow all this intake of sugar will probably bottom out and I will be spending the day passed out on the couch. But apparently at the candy, cookie, and ice cream store they also sell veggies and fruits. I'm hoping to purchase some of that stuff tomorrow during the sugar detox that will be going on.

I just hope I can recover before my return to butt camp on Monday morning. That's when the sugar is really going to hit the fan!!
Today's blessings: Home again; dinner at Molly's; ATL IKEA success

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