Thursday, December 30, 2010


Molly alerted me today to the current Google "streetview" of our house. In case you can't really see it, that's me in front, butt to the world. I mean honestly, the Google photographer couldn't take one more picture, just a few minutes later? I mean, is the photographer someone I offended in an earlier life? I mean, really? This is the best Google can do?

I can only hope that this will inspire me to literally get my butt in gear and make 2011 a banner year for getting said butt into shape ... and to pay attention when there's a photographer in the yard!!
Today's blessings: Lazy vacation day; lunch and dinner brought in via Steve; safe travels back home for Molly and the Lewis family; Maribeth's visit from AKL

1 comment:

Ann said...

Ha! Awesome. Although I never would have seen it if Molly's scribbles weren't pointing the way