Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Whale of a Day

Today could be entitled, "Perfection - Not - AGAIN!" since today's foray into my "make it" projects was a total and utter disaster. It was so bad that I had to scrap the project and try to salvage it into a new project - which will have to wait until my return home, since we are planning to leave tomorrow. Anyhow, since that post would be pretty much a rehash of the previous two days, luckily I had other goings-on going on today.

Today I went to Sea World.

If you know me at all, you know that Disney World is my main thing when I come to Orlando. We stay there, we eat there, we party there - well, you get the idea. Although I always think about going to Sea World, I don't. Even the few times we have stayed off Disney property and within walking distance to Sea World, I find reasons not to go. Even though I want to.

Well, this visit we are once again staying within walking distance to Sea World. I planned to go to Sea World at some point this week, and decided today was going to be it (which was handy, since we are leaving tomorrow). This morning I set out on foot while Steve set out via car to play golf (which just happens to be at the resort where we are staying).

The walk over wasn't too hard, if you don't count plodding along where there was no sidewalk (note to resort owners - if you want people to walk to CVS down the street, please construct a sidewalk - nobody wants to walk on the three feet of sidewalk, then cross over the 4-lane street to walk on that sidewalk, then cross back over the street to get to CVS). I managed to find my way down this street and that and wound up in the parking lot at Sea World.

I wasn't sure where the entrance was. I'm used to a bus taking me to the exact entrance of whatever park I'm attending. As I entered the parking lot, a security dude in a golf cart stopped. I asked him where the entrance was, and he promptly drove me over across the huge parking lot and deposited me at the entrance. Star #1 for Sea World. I bought my ticket (annual pass, because it was only $20 more than a one-day admission and gets me in for the next 15 months) and went in. Admission deal = Star #2 for Sea World.

Upon my entrance, I saw that Starbucks furnishes their coffee - Star #3. As I strolled along, I saw a Dippin Dots kiosk - need I say that makes Star #4? I consulted the park map and saw that I was in time for the Shamu show (my main reason for loving Sea World). I manage to find my way to Shamu Stadium, and since it was lunchtime, started looking for something to eat.

Unfortunately, this is the only downer of the day - trying to find a burger. Apparently in this section of the park, there were no burger stands. Adding insult to injury is that fact that Sea World only sells - gag - Pepsi products. I decided to go sit in the stadium, when I discovered that hot dogs and hot pretzels are sold there. So, I ate and was ready for the Shamu show.

It was everything I had hoped for (especially since it had been 20+ years since the last time I saw it). Although the trainers are no longer in the water with the whales, it was still pretty cool.

After the show, I wandered around, saw the sharks and dolphins, and headed back to the resort (unfortunately there was no friendly golf cart driver). Since I am an annual passholder, I figured I will be returning during future trips (which would be in December, February, May, and June - so far).

So, that was my day - good things all around and a great way to end this vacation!
Today's blessings: walk to Sea World, driver at Sea World, Shamu Show; packing up

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