Thursday, December 23, 2010

Davidson Christmas 2010

Well, another Davidson Christmas is in the books. As usual, nothing went as planned, even though we planned it. So here's how it went:

Several weeks ago, we assigned the gift thing. Each person had a category and was to procure a gift for every other family member, to the tune of $25. By now you know mine was "make it." Molly's was Groupon, Lynnette's was entertainment, Steve's was food, Maribeth's was outside, and Sam's was Sky Mall (he's been in a lot of airplanes recently). Anyhow, other than the fact that some gifts didn't come in on time, and others got misplaced (hopefully to be found in 2011), everybody got at least something they could use. Maybe.

Anyhow, another part of the Davidson Christmas was that we all had matching pjs. I don't know why - this was a new thing for this year. Oh wait - they were on sale for $5 at Old Navy (or Target, or Wal Mart, or somewhere) on Black Friday. So we all dressed in our matching pjs. The best part is that we did not get a family picture (imagine me and Lynnette in the same outfit - scary, huh?).

So, we have our outfits and presents, so the only thing that is left is the food. Again, weeks ago we planned it out. Each person was going to pick a favorite recipe from a restaurant and Molly was going to cook it. We were going to have Kentucky Hot Brown, Chessecake Factory Meatloaf, Somewhere's Spinach Dip, Red Lopster fondue, J Alexander's Macaroni and Cheese, and a close replica of Olive Garden's Lemon Something cake. Fast forward to tonight. Our dinner consisted of the faux Olive Garden cake and Papa John's pizza.

Now you might wonder why Davidson Christmases always seem to go a bit awry. This year it was because among other things, I didn't get done making my presents until last night. Sam and Lynnette decided to move their stuff out of their house so their remodeler could finish remodeling it and so today me, Maribeth, Steve, and Sam moved most of the household stuff to a storage shed and our house, because Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley are going to move in with us for a few weeks while their house is remodeled. Maribeth has already moved in a few weeks ago while Mathieu is in Cuba for the next 11 months. Molly has her own mostly-finished remodeled house, but Rambo ate up her Blackberry phone, so today she had to wait for her IPhone to be delivered that her boss bought her yesterday and then she had to go to the IPhone store, or Walmart or somewhere so she could get it turned on or something, which she found out she could have done on ITunes - whatever that means.

So anyhow, the Davidson annual Christmas party is now another one for the history books. Tomorrow Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley leave at the crack of dawn to get on a plane for Texas to have a proper Christmas with the Ogles. Steve, Maribeth, Molly, and I are getting in Steve's car just after the crack of dawn to go to Orlando to spend Christmas with Mickey Mouse, since we haven't been there since, oh, like Thanksgiving.

So that's it. But I will leave you with a few final memories - of my make-its. Just be thankful you weren't included!!

Steve got a pool bag made from a former bean bag
and a photo key chain whose batteries were dead.

Maribeth got a blanket made from hiking material and her picture. It had started as pajama pants, then it was going to be a tote bag, then it was going to be a nightgown. But I think it always wanted to be a blanket.

Lindley got a personalized ABC book with pictures of her life and a fancy cloth diaper with buttons sewed on it. Lindley loves buttons.

Lynnette got a hat (with buttons) and a scarf. She has lots of room for her head to grow. And her scarf can double as a rug. Or a table cloth.

Sam got a hooded towel that's supposed to be a bear. Or a doggie. He has been resentful of Lindley's hooded towels. Lindley liked the button eyes.

Molly got a cupcake snuggie. But we didn't get a picture of it.
Molly is the smartest of us all!
Today's blessings: Davidson moving; hot dogs for lunch; Davidson Christmas

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Denise in PA said...

Classic - you guys could be in a movie! Well, it made for a great story (but I'm sure you all had a blast). We'll be heading down to see the Mouse the day after Christmas (because I haven't been there since August - LOL!)