Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun Family Christmas

During this Christmas while we are at Disney, my brother John and his wife (Anne) and sons (David and Michael) joined us on the 26th. Tonight on their last night at The World, we exchanged gifts with each other. Each Davidson chose a Lewis to give to, and vice versa. The plan was that the giver would purchase a gift while at Disney World that was specific to the receiver. In between eating and touring and race car riding, we managed to shop for those gifts.

Tonight we all had great fun giving and receiving. Everyone did a great job of shopping and finding something special for someone else. It was a great end to a fun family vacation (at least Part One for us) and holiday. It was family gift giving at its best - thoughtful, considerate, and enjoyable.

Merry Christmas!
Today's blessings: Toy Story Mania with Molly and David; Le Cellier with Anne; family gift exchange; Ikea cinnamon rolls; Donald pins, pens, and balls

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