Friday, November 13, 2015

5K Day!

Avengers 5K complete! Thanks to my Iron Man shirt that
I got at Target after Halloween for $7.
My outfit was mild compared to the other participants.
One of the cool things about Disneyland at Christmas is
that they completely transform Haunted Mansion into
"The Nightmare Before Christmas." It's really amazing!

This morning we got up early for the Avengers 5K, which started at 5:30am. The best part of races at Disneyland is that you can get up and walk to the start. As in get up and out the door at 5am, as opposed to 3am for Disney World races. And so that is what we did, arriving in our start corral in plenty of time for the start. The race was uneventful and quick through the back sides of both parks. Of course Molly took off and never looked back (well, maybe once or twice as she sped away), but we eventually met back up - in the room. The rest of the day was spent napping and going to the parks. We had planned to stay for Fantasmic, but in the end decided not to stay awake. Oh well, another great day at Disneyland!!
Thankful today for: fun 5K finish; going to the parks with Molly

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