Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Davidson Travel In Motion

So Molly and I each got an email from Run Disney that said, 
You've been selected for a Secret Mission with an elite group of Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend Participants.

To enhance your runDisney experience, we're making the following exclusive services available to you on Thursday, November 12th. We invite you to join our mission experience free of charge, and should you elect to participate, we'll be asking for your feedback for future opportunities at runDisney Events.
Basically, we were part of a group that would be able to enter the expo early, shop early, and get our registration stuff without having to wait in line. The only problem was that we would have to be available at 6:30am on Thursday. Our flight wasn't scheduled to leave Nashville until that time, and we wouldn't be at the expo until 11am. What were we going to do?

So of course, we decided to go early on Wednesday night. Molly called and extended our hotel stay to include the earlier night (and thankfully she did, as she found out that our hotel rate was wrong - like twice the amount - but she got that fixed). Then came the fun part.

We were flying Southwest, so changes to our flights were no problem, without any kind of penalties. I changed our flights to Wednesday night, late enough for Molly to put in a full day of work. The flight wasn't a nonstop and we weren't getting in until midnight, but we would be there on Wednesday night.

And then Molly found two other flights, one on United and one on Delta, that would get us in earlier, and were basically the same amount as the change for our Southwest flight. But we would have to make sure that we wanted to go on those flights, since those flights would incur penalties if there was a problem.  We debated and debated, and decided to go Delta.

So I cancelled the Southwest flights, which again was no problem, because we would be able to use the flight credits for future flights. And then I discovered (as I was messing around with some other Southwest flights) that the credits for the flight I just cancelled would expire in early January. And I had no real flights planned until then (at least not any whose flight credits wouldn't expire until after that). And so, if I proceeded with my current Delta flight, then I would lose a large amount of Southwest $$$.

So, I cancelled my Delta flight (which you can do without penalty in the first 24 hours of booking Delta) and rebooked my Southwest flight. Except that, since Molly was going to stay with Delta, I could go anytime. Which meant I could go on the nonstop Southwest flight that would leave Nashville after lunch.

Meanwhile, Molly discovered that she had some Delta miles and could upgrade her flight to first class with her Delta points. But she couldn't do it with her current Delta reservation. So she cancelled her Delta flight (again, without penalty) and rebooked it. And then upgraded to first class with her points. So, she would be getting to LAX around 10pm, nonstop, and first class. Win/win/win for everyone!!

Now, here's to hoping that our hotel reservation has the right rate attached to it ...
Thankful today for: fun with Southwest and Delta; Molly getting hotel reservation fixed; Lindley time

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