Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sea Day!!

Today was a lovely day at sea. Last night’s ride was a bit bumpy – just the way I like it (that would be bumpy while on the sea, NOT in the air). It sort of just rocks me to sleep. After breakfast at Cabanas, I headed for the Rainforest Room for a little hot tub and warm lounger time. The girls joined me and the morning melted into lunch. The rest of the day involved food and drinks and movies. And naps, of course.

Some ask me why I cruise (question number one – question two will come tomorrow). The answer is because I can do nothing and anything and everything with very little effort. There are activities in which to participate, there is a clean room and several other spots in which to nap, there are pools and splash areas in which to get wet, and there are plenty of places in which to obtain a bite to eat. I don’t have to think hard about it or spend time getting to any of it – it’s all here within a five minute walk. Someone cleans my room twice a day and generally everyone is pretty happy to be here. Especially me!!

My home away from my cabin - the beloved Rainforest Room!
Thankful today for: wonderful day at sea; rest in the Rainforest Room; movies and dinner and naps - oh my!!

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