Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dolly's Christmas Lights!!

This morning everyone managed to get up, eat breakfast, and get on the shuttle - eventually. There were many people at the resort who were also going to Dollywood, so we had to wait for our turn. Lindley and Everley managed to entertain themselves by tossing coins into the fountain - and making some secret wishes.

Once we arrived at Dollywood, we set out in search of Christmas fun. We found it by making candles, decorating cookies, and watching Lynnette blow glass. It was a fun, great day, even with the sprinkles of rain that came throughout the day. We left to return to the resort after lunch, and Lindley, Everley, and I had some pool time while Lynnette and Molly went to the outlet mall. Once they returned, we headed back to Dollywood to see the lights at night, and ride the train (where perhaps some people took a little snoozer) and sing carols along the way. We closed down Dollywood for the night, returned to the resort, and headed for bed. What a great day!!

Making wishes while waiting on the shuttle.

One of the best things all day?  Jumping in rain puddles!
Thank goodness we brought rain boots!!

First stop was dipping candles.
Without getting burned by hot wax.
We were successful.
Some people did not want to get a photo with Rudolph.
Luckily there was a coloring wall nearby ...

Next it was time to decorate the cookies.

NetNet was available for consultation. And selfies.

Artist #1 at work.

Artist #2 with her completed work.

And then it was time to sample the completed project!

Artist #1 also sampling ...
Meanwhile, Moo makes a new friend ...

And so does NetNet ...
Which led to new shirts/hoodie for some.
And new gloves for others (who didn't want a shirt/hoodie).
Including the one who did not wish to be in the photo.
The back story is the hour it took the three adults to choose the shirts/hoodie ...
Lynnette needed to learn how to blow glass to make her ornament.

And she was successful!!
Look for her on Pinterest soon ...
Back at the resort, we found a nook.
Luckily for world peace, there were two ...
Someone managed to pull the plug and darken the tree lights.
But Moo came to the rescue and saved Christmas.

And then there's the stairway railing pose.
With new gloves, of course.

On the last shuttle back to the hotel.
On one's own personal bench.
With one's own personal seat belt.

With some personal caroling.
Everyone was not a fan ...
Thankful today for: fun times at Dollywood and all the Christmas decorations; pool time with Everley and Lindley; night time lights at Dollywood and fun train ride

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