Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Made It!!

After yesterday's fun with airline and hotel reservations, who knew how today would turn out? And it turned out just fine. I had a good flight out, got on my Super Shuttle, arrived at the hotel and checked in, and enjoyed the room for a few hours. Molly had a good flight (flying first class - so what would one expect?), got on her Super Shuttle, and arrived at the hotel some time after 10pm.

I was very hungry when I got to the hotel, so after dumping my bags in the room, I decided to have some dinner. After seeing the lines at all the other restaurants, I opted for the hotel quick service place. I scanned the menu, and decided on the grilled chicken sandwich. Which had this huge slimy thing on it. It looked like a banana, although Molly assured me was a pepper, once she saw this photo. Needless to say, I scraped it off before consuming the sandwich.

Our room overlooks Downtown Disney, and are able to see the Disneyland fireworks from our room. Molly was on her shuttle about the same time, and saw them as she was getting in. Finally her shuttle pulled up to the hotel and I met her in the lobby. Once we got to the room, we were both ready for bed (since our Nashville body clocks told us it was way past our bedtime). Molly wasn't hungry, since apparently you get plenty of food when you fly first class, so it wasn't long before we were both snoozing. Besides, we wanted to be ready for tomorrow morning - after all, isn't that the reason we're here?!

Thankful today for: My and Molly's safe flights to LAX; super shuttle rides to the airport; great room location and watching the fireworks

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