Saturday, November 21, 2015


Because both her parents had to get to work early this morning (and I would have Everley all day), Everley spent the night with me last night (Steve is in Arkansas for the MSU football game). Everley likes to make up her own songs, so I thought I would share today's creation, all about mommies. And who loves them. Which is apparently girls and not boys. 

Later, after Mathieu picked up Everley, Sam and Lindley came over. Sam had texted me, saying that he would be over in a bit - Lindley wanted her straggly remaining front tooth out, and Sam was trying to accommodate her.  He was being unsuccessful, unless you count success as stressing Lindley out by continuing to try to pull the tooth. He gave up the tooth quest, and they both came over. One look at Lindley as she walked in the door gave you pretty much her mood - like the world could go ahead and come to an end, if her stupid tooth was going to do nothing except sit in her mouth and cause her agony. I managed to convince her to let me try - but to no avail. I managed to get her to drink ice cold water in an attempt to numb her gums/tooth and maybe let me try it again. It worked to earn a second try - it did not achieve success in getting the tooth out. In my expert, 3-kid, tooth-yanking experience, this tooth was not coming out today.

Sam left to pick up dinner and a Sonic blast for Lindley (as a prize for letting us try to pull the tooth, and hoping that again, the cold would numb her gum for a potential future pulling attempt). Once the blast was delivered, Lindley promptly dug into her prize. On her second bite, she uttered a wail and showed us her spoon. And yes, her not-coming-out-today tooth was in it! I guess she froze it out and finally "let it go." Whatever - life for Lindley quickly became ice cream and cotton candy again!!

Thankful today for: Everley's songs; Lindley's bravery and willingness to let us try to pull her tooth; Lindley's tooth finally falling out; Lindley and Everley time

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