Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Got It - Black Friday Is Coming

I can accept, and even enjoy, the Christmas television ads that are popping up on television. But the blatant Black Friday ads? PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!

Sure, I get it that BF is coming up and it’s the biggest shopping day of the year and blah, blah, blah. And I get it that there are some really great deals that are happening on that day. And I get it that it is one of the days that people look forward to all year. But really, is it necessary to publicize it with such great ferocity?

Maybe it’s just me, or my television. Maybe it’s like my facebook, which seems to know what I have been shopping for online, or even looking at, and manages to slip some ads into my newsfeed. Maybe my television senses that I harbor some interest in BF, and is seeking to pique my interest even more. Or at least tempt my wallet …

I do not intend to participate fully in BF. By that I mean that I shall be accompanying Molly and Steve to Orlando, where they shall do their BF thing (okay, so I’m really going because Molly and I are getting on a cruise on that Saturday). And yes, they will probably text me things that they think I might be interested in, as they flit from store to store. But fully participate in the madness? No thanks.

Anyhow, back to the BF ads. It seems that everytime (and it seems quite often) a BF ad airs, the person on it is screaming BLACK FRIDAY every other breath. It hurts my ears and my brain – and probably ultimately my wallet.

So I guess I could just turn off the ads, but then I would miss the Christmas ads – you know, the ones where everybody opens the gifts, and the grandpa opens the baby sneakers; or the one where the brother comes home as a surprise and makes coffee; or the ones where the Clydesdales do whatever it is they are doing this year.

Maybe I should just go find that 24/7 Christmas carol radio station – they don’t do ads, do they?
Thankful today for: pedis and movie with Molly; beautiful fall day

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