Monday, November 30, 2015


So the second question I get a lot about cruising is, “What do you do in the ports?” And generally the answer is, “Usually nothing. I stay on the ship.” To which that person is either aghast, incredulous, or completely okay with it. And here are my reasons why …

Most of the time, I’ve been to these ports. And most of the time, the ports are in the Carribbean or Bahamas. And unless you’re going shopping or to the beach, they’re all very similar. And none of those port activities particularly interest me. Sure, sometimes I book an excursion that interests me that involves a Segway tour or a medium hike. And I always get off in an Alaskan port, because that’s my favorite. But generally, unless it’s a new port to which I’ve never been, I stay on the boat. And that’s because …

The ship is sooo quiet when most of my fellow cruisers are off the boat. The Rainforest Room is empty as is the adult pool and hot tub. The movie theater is empty and the dining rooms are quiet. In fact, the entire ship is quieter. And I like quiet.

And finally, I don’t cruise to get somewhere. If I wanted to visit a particular port, I would get there as quickly as possible and stay there. I cruise because I like being on the ship. I like the attention and care and pampering that I receive. That’s a vacation to me.

So, today we docked in Cozumel. I didn’t get off the ship. But it was a great day to be here!

Thankful today for: peace and quiet on the ship; shrimp and more shrimp; beautiful day

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